Hon. Consulate of Mongolia in the United States
           Carmen B Cabell · Honorary Consul General
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Advancement of Bi-Lateral Goodwill

One of the Consulate’s primary missions is the advance bi-lateral goodwill between the United States and Mongolia and its strategic allies.

In pursuit of this mission, Consul Cabell has worked closely with the United Nations to promote sustainable growth in developing economies around the globe.

Consul Cabell was appointed to the United Nations Public-Private Alliance for Rural Development for the High-Level Segment of the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). .

In his role with ECOSOC, Consul Cabell presented the white papers “A Vision for the Achievement of the Alliance Mission”, and “Global Action Plan for the Success of Democracy - Action Plan to Achieve Sustainable Economic Growth in Mongolia”.

To further this goal, Consul Cabell along with partners in the US and Mongolia have formed the Mongolian-American Trade Council— with a mandate to promote trade and commerce between the US and Mongolia and advance Mongolian/US relations by providing exposure to and education about the rich history & culture of the Mongolian people.

United Nations Economic and
Social Council
United Nations Public-Private
Alliance for Rural Development
Vision for Achievement
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Sustainable Economic
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