Hon. Consulate of Mongolia in the United States
           Carmen B Cabell · Honorary Consul General
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May you find HOPE. For when all else fails, hope will lead you to conquer your fears and
help you move forward when you can’t find a reason.

May you find FAITH. For faith will keep you safe, protect your heart from pain, comfort you and relieve your worries, see you through when you’re uncertain, and stay beside you to help you
when changes come and you must adjust.

May you find PEACE. For peace will soothe your soul, teach you how to grow, calm you when you’re troubled, allow you to know your own heart, and keep you following your dreams
when everything else seems to fail.

May you find JOY. For joy will give you release, encourage you to be your best, teach you to
laugh and be free, ease your moments of pain, and make you feel good again.

Most of all may you find LOVE. For love will bring you all of the above and even more. It will always be the only true freedom and the only true answer. Love will give you life,
and all that you could ever imagine.